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Reduce Re-use Recycle. This slogan has been around for a while but its still the best summary of what we can each do to towards creating a more sustainable future for humanity. It applies to every thing from the power and water we use on a daily basis, to all other resources we use and consume. We all need to learn to live more simply and consciously and respect and value the many resources we take for granted. Clutter and waste is a modern day syndrome in many houses. Learning how to clear the clutter and create our home as a sanctuary is the focus of a weekend workshop w... more. View all blogs.

About Painted Earth

We’re a people friendly paint shop selling Australia's largest range of modern, eco friendly and non-toxic house paints and wood finishes. Buy online for homes and commercial projects and feel the difference. You'll love the experience of using and living with these products, which makes them well worth the small extra expense.

We've carefully selected products from over ten different manufacturers and been selling eco friendly and non toxic paints and wood finishes since 2002, so we know our products and can help you find the best ones for your project, be it interior or exterior walls, floors, furniture, rooves, decks and more. more

Interior paints and finishes

Interior paints and wood finishes help you put the finishing touches on an enjoyable living or work space. However fumes from regular paints and wood finishes can create poor indoor air quality for up to five years after painting or renovating. Choosing modern low VOC paints, or natural paints and wood oils, avoids smelly and toxic fumes. 

Modern low VOC paints are equally as durable and much the same price as regular paints. The natural paints are more expensive and not quite as durable but they have a unique beauty and are the healthiest choice for chemically sensitive people. more

Exterior paints and finishes

The fumes emitted from exterior paints and finishes contribute to poor environmental air quality in our cities and towns. Many people dont understand the implications of this, thinking because it's outside it's not important to use low VOC products. However the fumes (or VOC's) emitted from exterior paints and finishes affect the health of the person applying them and also contribute to environmental SMOG. Air pollution from SMOG is a major environmental problem. The VOC levels in paints and wood finishes are now subject to tighter and tighter regulation in Europe, America and Australia because of this. Buildings must use low VOC paints and wood finishes inside and out to qualify for Greenstar Ratings. more

Green Bulding Centre meeting

Other green building products

Your enthusiastic response to the paints and finishes has motivated us to use our understanding and expertise to source other great building products that are eco friendly, energy efficient and non-toxic. As it evolves, the Green Building Centre will become a one stop resource centre for people interested in building or renovating this way.

We are intested to hear from leading manufacturers and providers of green building products or services Australia wide who would like to become affilated with us and display at the Green Building Centre.  more