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I first discovered natural paints in the early 90s. I was into eating healthy food and trusting the natural healing and wisdom of my body rather than eating processed food and using pharmaceutical medicines to manipulate my symptoms when ill. So it was a natural progression for me to discover natural paints when looking to do a renovation on a run down rental that I had just moved into. The first natural paint I used was Bio wall paint which is a plant based natural paint. It painted on easily and had a bit more character than regular acrylic paint. Great ! I tho... more. View all blogs.

About Painted Earth

Painted Earth sells Australia's largest range of modern, eco friendly and non-toxic paints and wood finishes. We've collected together products from about eight different manufacturers to give you a complete range of finishes for homes and commercial buildings. The paints and finishes we sell here are durable, look great, and are the best we can find for your health and the health of our environment.

We've been selling these paints and wood finishes since 2002, so we know the products and can help you find suitable ones for your project. We have finishes for interior and exterior walls, floors, furniture, rooves, decks and more. read more

Interior paints and finishes

Beautiful on the inside and beautiful on the outside. Our range of interior paints and wood finishes are sought out for their beautiful creative aesthetics as well as their non-toxic and eco-friendly credentials. We think this is fitting because we see beauty as the hallmark of a healthy body and a healthy home. 

The capacity of paints and finishes to allow water vapour to be released from the substrate is known as the breathability of the paint or wood finish. Breathable paints and finishes contribute to the health of a home by avoiding a build up of moisture, which can cause deterioration of the walls and potential mould issues. Coatings that do not breath are a bit like sweating inside a plastic raincoat. read more

Exterior paints and finishes

The fumes emitted from exterior paints and finishes contribute to poor environmental air quality in our cities and towns. Many people dont understand the implications of this, thinking because it's outside it's not important to use low VOC products. However the fumes (or VOC's) emitted from exterior paints and finishes affect the health of the person applying them and also contribute to environmental SMOG. Air pollution from SMOG is a major environmental problem. The VOC levels in paints and wood finishes are now subject to tighter and tighter regulation in Europe, America and Australia because of this. Buildings must use low VOC paints and wood finishes inside and out to qualify for Greenstar Ratings. more

Green Bulding Centre meeting

About the manufacturers of our paints and finishes

Rather than supporting multi-national paint companies, we support smaller companies committed to ethical principles and environmentally responsible products. Rockcote, Murobond, Livos, Rubio Monocoat, Volvox, Lanotec and Solacoat are our major manufacturers.

By purchasing from us you are also supporting these smaller companies to continue making these eco friendly paints and wood finishes. Your choices can change our world.  more