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We're a human and planet conscious paint shop selling Australia's largest range of modern, eco friendly and non-toxic house paints and wood finishes. Buy online via our website or visit our store in Byron Bay. You'll love the experience of using these modern finishes which ensure healthy indoor air quality in homes and commercial buildings as well as protecting our environment.

We've carefully selected products from over ten different manufacturers and have been selling these paints and wood finishes since 2002, so we know our products and can help you find the best ones for your project, be it interior or exterior walls, floors, furniture, rooves, decks and more. All paints and finishes we sell perform well and look great. Many are a similar price to regular paints.

We carry both low VOC paints and wood finishes as well as natural paints and wood oils, so you can choose which is best for you and your project. 

Rockcote Ecostyle is our top selling zero VOC paint. It's great value as a high quality acrylic paint with a 15 year warranty for both interior and exterior use for the similar price as Dulux Wash'n'Wear, with no smell.

Volvox Clay paint is our top selling natural paint. Imagine painting clay on your walls! It looks and feels great to live in. 

About the people

DebDeb's passion for sourcing natural, non-toxic, and environmentally responsible products spans 20 years of studying, working and cooking in Natural Therapies and the Organic Food industry in Sydney, before moving to beautiful Byron Bay in 1999. She currently lives in an architecturally designed rammed earth house on a rural property in the Shire. Managing Painted Earth and the Green Building Centre allows her to fulfill a passion for creative building and renovating as well as contributing positively to society. Deb also cooks for yoga and meditation retreats at Sangsurya


Dale has a working history within design and architectural sectors, being a graphic designer and spending many years in product development/model making along with vast business skills acquired across a multitude of design industries.

A milestone birthday and a long yearned for shift to a healthier lifestyle within supportive community brought Dale to Byron Shire some 3 years ago, now residing in a passive solar mud brick rural home in Mullumbimby, some 35 years on from doing his first mud brick building workshop in Melbourne.

An artist (using waste objects in many designs), a visual and kinaesthetic person with a natural love for architecture, nature, colour, texture, beauty and a passion and strong desire to encourage and assist others in living responsibly with a reduced footprint makes for a good alignment with the ethos of Painted Earth and the Green Building Centre.

About the paints and finishes

Low VOC paints are a modern version of conventional acrylic paints, especially formulated to reduce or eliminate Volatile Organic Compounds. VOC's are toxic chemical compounds that out gas from paints and other products contributing to poor indoor air quality and environmental air pollution. Removing or reducing VOC's from paints and finishes means cleaner air for you and our environment.

clean air Low VOC paints are equally as durable and easy to use as high VOC paints, and the other good news is they are now a similar price as well. 

Natural paints and wood oils are made from natural ingredients which are, on the whole, more environmentally sustainable and the most suitable for people with high chemical sensitivity. They also have a unique natural beauty. However they are generally more expensive than acrylic paints and finishes and do not withstand the same amount of scrubbing.

Each has their place in a sustainable world. We carry both to give you a choice. Many products we stock are also certified by eco certifying bodies such as GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) and Ecospecifier. Being GECA certified confers Greenstar ratings and higher valuation for residential and commercial buildings.  

About the manufacturers of these products

We choose quality products that perform well because we want you to enjoy your experience and come back for more.

We purchase from companies who focus on making paints and finishes that are healthy for people and the planet. Purchasing products from these companies helps them to grow.

Sustainability and the type of world we create is all about who and what we support with our dollar.


A medium sized Australian company with a whole-hearted commitment to green building and living. This can be seen in the many environmental awards they have won for their leadership in the field of environmentally friendly products and business practices.

Rockcote was one of the first Australian manufacturers to make a high quality zero VOC acrylic paint. Their Ecostyle paint is still one of the best on the market. More recently their development of clay and lime plasters reflects their ongoing desire to create products from natural and easily-renewable resources without harmful chemicals, toxins and additives.

Murobond logo

Another Australian manufacturer whose products and people we love. Murobond have been making people and planet friendly paints and finishes since their inception in 1988.
Murobond paints and finishes are sought after by top architects and designers because of their combination of  beauty and technological expertise. See them in our creative range of finishes.

Phoenix_logo A long standing West Australian paint manufacturing company who've been making water based industrial level paints since their inception. By avoiding the solvents traditionally used in oil based industrial coatings they are able to produce non-hazardous and non-toxic products that are shipped worldwide.

livos logo A German company making some of the best natural wood oils in the world. Their products have stood the test of time for nearly 30 years world-wide, and have been imported into Australia and used successfully on our local timbers for 20 plus years.
Livos have high integrity in their commitment to manufacturing environmentally responsible and people safe products made from natural ingredients.


A Belgium company who make a range of unique single coat zer VOC oil finishes for timber floors, furniture and exteriors. Their products are gaining worldwide popularity for their ease of use and modern natural aesthetics.

Rubio Monocoat are a highly professional company with distributorship worldwide and good technical backup.


A German brand of natural clay paints and water based wood finishes. Awarded the European Eco flower label of excellence for their combination of environmental sensitivity, superb performance and beautiful aesthetics of their products.

We love all Volvox products we have tried.


An Australian manufacturer of natural paints and wood oils. Bio have been the most well known and commonly used natural paints and wood finishes in Australia over the past 20 years. 


An Australian company making environmentally friendly products from lanolin, citrus oil and other natural ingredients. Their lanolin based timber finishes for decks, walkways and bridge timbers are easy to maintain and suitable for both home and heavy industry and marine use.


An Australian manufacturer of high performance floor coating products. We've developed a special relationship with their chemist Stephan. He visits Painted Earth on his surfing trips to Byron ! 

Stephan has worked with us to developed low VOC floor finishes that meet our requirements for high performing, people friendly products. We now package these products under own on Painted Earth label.


An international company making specialised primers and industrial coatings. A leader in the field of developing water based zero VOC specialty primers.  We carry their Zinsser Smart Prime and BONZ that adhere well to difficult surfaces and block stains. 


An Australian-made range of heat reflective coatings that have been independently tested, and certified by Ecospecifier to perform as specified. Their products are distrubuted worldwide and have won Silver and Gold awards in the international GAIA awards 2008.