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 Kunos Countertop Oil
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Livos Kunos Countertop Oil

Suitable: Suitable for use on tabletops, counters, benchtops etc. due to its higher resin content can withstand greater heat and moisture.
Appearance: 1 coat will result in a matt finish, 2 - 3 coats semi-gloss.
Application: Dependent on surface requirement/area of coverage. Brush, spray, orbital sander with grey felt pad, lint free cotton cloth. Wood must be dry and free of dust.
Drying: 6 - 12 hours first coat, reapply subsequent coats 24 hours.
Coverage: Coverage 100m2 /L if used as a top coat, or as all 3 coats - 1L for aproximately 20m2
Coats: Pending finished requirement/gloss.

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