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Livos Kunos Oil Sealer
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Livos Kunos Oil Sealer

Kunos is used by many fine furniture makers because of its great light refracting quality that makes timber glow. It is easy to apply and safe for people. It is also used on timber and concrete floors.

Suitable: for furniture, wood sculptures, floors, benchtops and all timber trim and panelling. Also suitable for concrete floors and some stone tiles. Suitable for some veneers but advisable to test first on these to make sure it doesnt affect the glue used in these.
Appearance: is a rich enhancement of the timber colouring and grain. It can be buffed between coats to give a high shine.

are clear and a range of stain colours. Rosewood, Mahogany, Walnut, Dark Walnut, Antique Oak, Smoked Oak, Tobacco and White. White is used to maintain a raw timber colour. These are excellent for a subtle colour change on timber floors or furniture. Even sanding is important for even colour absorption. See colours here.

Odour: is a linseed smell when applying and for a little while afterwards. When dry no ongoing odour.
Durability: is good. Can be used in high traffic areas and is stain and water repellant. However similar to most floor finishes it is advisable to wipe up spills as soon as possbile. Scratches and stains can be repaired quite well by scrubbing with Trena, then sanding and re-oiling.
Vapour Permeability: is good. Allows the wood to breath.
Application: Kunos takes a little more skill to buff than Ardvos but is applied in a similar way. Apply with a cloth on furniture, or lambswool applicator on floors. Allow to penetrate for 10 - 15 mins then wipe off excess till touch dry. Dry thoroughly over night and repeat for second and third coats. Buff when dry between coats using a red or white pad on a floor machine. See full application instructions below.
Drying: is dependent on good airflow over the surface. Always get as much ventilation and airflow over a floor as possble when applying the oil and during drying. Apply in temperatures above 12 degrees C. Allow a day between each coat to dry and do not apply the next coat if it is still tacky. Allow a couple of days to dry after the final coat before allowing any traffic on a floor. Doesnt cure to full hardness for 5 - 6 weeks so care needs to be taken to avoid water and heavy traffic during this time.
Coverage: Generally 1L is sufficient for 3 coats on aproximately 15sq.m. However this may vary with different timbers. The first coat will absorb the most oil - aprox 22sq.m/L, the second coat a lot less - aprox 90sq.m/L, and the third coat requires only a very small amount - aprox 250sq.m/L.
Coats: 3 coats is best to give good protection and sheen. 2 coats may be sufficient on timber trim.

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