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 Aqua Glaze Pearl paint
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Murobond Aqua Glaze Pearl

A special water based glaze delivering rich luminous colour without the toxic elements of previous oil based glaze paints.

Suitable: for interior and exterior use on cement render, masonary, brick, plasterboard, timber trim, and previously painted surfaces. Ideal application is as a decorative finish panel.
Appearance: is a pearlescent gloss finish that shows the texture of the brush strokes.

Gold and silver tones and a limited range of colours. See online here. However colours may not be true on all monitors. Purchase sample pots or A4 colour cards below.

Odour: mild ammonia smell. Not suitable for highly chemically sensitive people.
VOC: 13.5 gms/L
Durability: is good. Similar durability and dirt rejection as an enamel paint. Use a soft cloth when cleaning to maintain the high finish.
Priming: is required on all surfaces. Apply 1 or 2 coats of Murobond Primer tinted towards the colour.
Application: is with a brush only. Ideally use a Murobond brush and apply in a random pattern or even one way strokes. Mix well before an during use. Maintain a wet edge and stop only at joins in the surface. Apply in dry conditions and temperatures 10 - 30 degree C.
Decorative: yes. Can be used for decorative effects on feature walls, panels and furniture. Adds a luminous quality to a room.
Drying: Touch dry 1 hour, recoat after 4 - 6 hours in good drying conditions. Full cure and hardness reached after 7 days.

is approximately 8 -10 sq.m/L per coat.

Coats: 2 or more coats required.
Technical Data Sheets:

See full Technical Data and MSDS

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