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Murobond Murothane

Murothane is a flexible, water based protective clear finish for interior surfaces. The waxed satin finish of Murothane provides exceptional trafficability with minimal yellowing and easy recoating. Low odour, low toxicity and low VOC.

Suitable: for use on most interior timbers - shelving, panelling, furniture, counters, trim, doors, and floors. Also use to provide a hardwearing seal over painted floors, furniture & trim.
Appearance: a clear semi gloss finish. Excellent colour tone on all soft and hardwoods. Murobond Clear Acrylic Sealer may be used as an economical priming coat on pine plywood to maintain the natural light colour.

Clear only

Odour: is low
VOC: is lower than two part polyurethanes. 69g/L
Durability: is great.
Priming: Prime concrete or alkaline painted surfaces first with Murobond Clear Acrylic Sealer.
Application: is with a brush, roller or paint pad in temperatures between 10 - 35 degree C. Lightly sand between coats as necessary.
Drying: is 3 hours between coats. Allow overnight drying before light traffic and 3 days before normal foot traffic. Full cure after 7 days.
Coverage: is approximately 14 sq.m/L. First coat on hightly absorbent timbers or concrete may be down to 11sq.m/L
Coats: is two for timber trim and over painted surfaces, three for floors and benchtops.
Technical Data Sheets:

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