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Specified by many designers and architects, this paint adds a subtle depth of colour and texture to any wall. Murowash is our most popular decorative finish for feature walls.

Suitable: for interior and exterior use on masonry, cement render, bricks, plasterboard, timber and previously painted surfaces. Its ideal use is to create rich colour walls with slight tonal variations.
Appearance: is rich colour depth with slight tonal variations depending on the application technique and colour. Pale colours show less variation. Has a slightly grainy texture. Sand can be added for more noticeable texture.

Murobond colours. See online here. Note however online colours may not be true on all monitors. Purchase sample pots or A4 colour cards to view in your home once you have narrowed it down by viewing online.

Odour: very low odour.
VOC: less than 10 gm/L
Durability: long lasting and durable but not as cleanable as a low sheen finish due to the slightly grainy texture. Can be coated with Murobond Clear Acrylic Sealer in interior situations for more serviceability.
Vapour Permeability: is good
Priming: is required for all bare substrates. For new masonry and plasterboard use Murobond primer tinted towards the chosen colour. For timber use Smart Prime or other timber primer to stop tannin bleed. Priming is not needed on previous acrylic paint in sound condition. However Murowash has a slightly transluscent quality so if the surface is a significantly different colour, a coat of primer tinted toward the chosen colour is advised.
Application: is with a large Murobond brush in a random pattern. This creates the tonal movement and quality of the finish. A roller can be used to apply the paint as long as it is followed immediately by someone brushing it. Apply in dry conditions above 10 degrees C and below 30 degrees C.
Decorative: yes, good for feature walls. Sand can also be added for a more textured wall finish.
Drying: is 12 hours between coats in good drying conditions.
Coverage: is approximately 10 sq.m/L per coat.
Coats: is generally two.
Technical Data Sheets:

See full Technical Data and MSDS.

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