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Murobond Primer
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Murobond Primer

Murobond Primer is a premium quality acrylic primer / undercoat designed for use with Murobond's range of finishes in both internal and external applications. Not as low VOC as Rockcote Sealer/Undercoat. We suggest highly sensitive individulas use the Rockcote Sealer/Undercoat instead.

Suitable: for interior and exterior use on bare gyprock, timber, fibro cement, masonry and previously painted surfaces.
Appearance: is low sheen

White, grey, or tinted towards topcoat colour when used as the primer for Murowash, Bridge Paint or Aqua Glaze Pearl.

Odour: is mild, but may be unpleasant to highly sensitive people.
VOC: is medium. About 30gms /L
Durability: is excellent. Good longevity for indoor and outdoor situations
Vapour Permeability: is good. Allows the substrate to breathe.
Application: is by roller, brush or spray gun as for conventional paint.
Drying: is 2 to 4 hours before top coating.
Coverage: is 8 -10 sq.m /L depending on the porosity of the surface.
Coats: is usually one. Highly porous surfaces may give best results with two coats.
Technical Data Sheets:

See full Technical Data and MSDS


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