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Painted Earth Concrete Poly

A high quality two pack water based polyurethane with excellent wear and chemical resistance. UV stabilised for interior and exterior use. Easy application and low VOC.

Suitable: Ideal finish for concrete floors or benchtops. Can also be used for slate, particle board, MDF, plywood and painted surfaces in domestic and commercial situations. Is suitable for exterior concrete paths, patios and driveways. Add anti-slip powder where an anti-slip surface is required.
Appearance: is ultra matt or gloss. Matt appears as an almost invisible sealer, but may show burnishing marks if heavy furniture is pulled or rolled across it. Gloss is a full gloss, but a semi gloss can be obtained by mixing the gloss and matt together.

The product can be tinted.

Odour: is slight but dissapates after a few days.
VOC: is very low for a floor finish. 80g/L.
Durability: is extremely good. It has excellent scratch, wear and chemical resistance.
Priming: Diluted the product with 20 - 30 % water for use a priming coat on porous concrete. If the floor is subject to vehicle traffic it is recomended to prime instead with Painted Earth Epoxy Primer Sealer.
Application: is with roller, brush, or spray in temperatures above 10 degrees C and humidity less than 80%.
Drying: touch dry 45 mins. Recoat after 6 hrs. Full cure 5 - 7 days.
Coverage: is 10sq.m/L
Coats: One diltuted priming coat & two top coats recommended.
Technical Data Sheets:

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