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Phoenix Metalfix
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Phoenix Metalfix

METALFIX is a tough, fire-retardant primer designed for application directly over badly rusted surfaces. It converts the rust into a metal phosphate within the paint film and simultaneously forms a protective abrasion-resistant skin which tolerates temperatures from minus 40 degrees C up to approximately 1000 degrees C. The coating can be used in conjunction with glass fibre matting to repair non-structural rusted holes in surfaces including steel water tanks, gutters, roof panels, and the trays of utilities or pick-up trucks. METALFIX will take any type of topcoat.

Suitable: for rusted metal only.
Do not apply over non-rusted or lighly rusted surfaces, since it will attack the surface and can lead to rust staining through the final coat. Use METALFIX 1000 on these.
Appearance: is matt.

Ferric red, black, white or grey. Red forms the strongest film.

Odour: is mild.
VOC: is low.
Durability: highly abrasion resistant and can withstand extremely high heat up to 1000 degrees Centigrade. Durable enough to be used without a top coat.
Application: is by roller, brush or spray gun. Has high viscosity but this can be lowered by using an electric stirrer. Spray with a large tip.
Drying: hard in 90 mins. Full cure 24 - 48 hours.
Coverage: is 7 - 8 sq.m/L.
Coats: is one as a primer. Can be left without a top coat, in which case a second coat may be desired.
Technical Data Sheets:

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