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A heat reflective paint that can assist in reducing the internal temperature of buildings, thus saving you money on airconditioning and cooling costs. It has been independenty tested and verified by Ecospecifier and and ASTM (a global standards verifier)

Suitable: for metal or ceramic roofs. Safe for collecting water. Can also be used on walls.
Appearance: is a satin sheen finish.

The heat reflective properies are enhanced by choosing light colours - either white or cream or pastel shades. However darker colours are possible. See the range of colours and each of their heat reflective properties here.

Odour: is low.
Durability: Solarcoat is a tough acryilic paint carrying a 10 guarantee on the surface integrity and performance, if applied according to instructions. The longest standing jobs in Alice Springs are still performing after 20+ years
Priming: Prime bare metal or ceramic first with Solacoat WB metal Primer or Solacoat CP Porous Primer respectively.
Application: is with brush, roller or spray gun.
Drying: touch dry in 30 mins. Recoat after minimum of 2 hours for pastel colours, or 4 hours for darker colours.
Coverage: A 15 litre drum of Solacoat is sufficient for 2 coats on 105 sq.m of flat surface or 75 sq.m of corrugated surface. Allow a bit more for porous and high profile surfaces.
Coats: 2 coats recommended.
Technical Data Sheets:

See full Technical Data and MSDS on Solacoat in pastel colours. See full Technical Data and MSDS on Solacoat in dark colours.

Dark Colour

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4L  ($110.00)
15L  ($365.00)

Pastel Colour

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4L  ($96.00)
15L  ($314.00)

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