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The fumes emitted from exterior paints and wood finishes contribute to poor environmental air quality in our cities and towns. Many people dont understand the implications of this, thinking that because it is outside it is not important to use a low VOC product. However the fumes, or VOC's, emitted from exterior paints and finishes will affect the health of the person applying them, plus contribute to environmental SMOG. Air pollution from SMOG is a major environmental problem. It is the reason VOC levels in paints and wood finishes are now subject to tighter and tighter regulation in Europe, America and Australia.

Greenstar buildings must use low VOC paints and wood finishes inside and out to qualify for Greenstar ratings. Most of the paints and finishes sold on this site qualify for Greenstar. Using these paints and finishes can result in a higher property valuation for the building.

To help you choose the most suitable product for your project we have clear descriptions as well as links to Technical Data Sheets, MSDS sheets and Pinterest galleries. We also invite you to help build our Product Reviews.

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4 easy steps serves as a guide to help you purchase these paints and finishes.

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Tips & Tricks is our collection of helpful tips and tricks for applying many of the products. These are collected from our own and our customers experience using these products.

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