Floor Finishes

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We carry several water based clear finishes for timber and concrete floors. All of them are synthetic products because natural products are generally not hardwearing and resilient enough to withstand ongoing floor traffic.

We've worked with Tollchem, an industrial manufacturing company in Sydney, to produce two water based polyurethanes to market under our own Painted Earth brand. Each has slightly different properties, appropriate for different purposes.

The maximum allowable VOC level for a flooring finish considered to be eco friendly is 120g/L. Our finishes range from 13g/L - 110g/L VOC

The application of floor finishes by DIY is one fraught with the most poor results. We recommend employing a proffessional unless you have a lot of patience, time and energy to do a thorough job.


    • Murobond Murothane

      1L:  $47.00  
      4L:  $129.00  
      10L:  $259.00  

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    • Painted Earth Epoxy Primer Sealer

      1.5L:  $65.00  
      6L:  $159.00  
      12L:  $268.00  

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    • Painted Earth Concrete Poly

      1.25L:  $63.00  
      5L:  $198.00  
      10L:  $367.00  

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