Floor Paints

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The paints and washes below can be applied to either timber or concrete floors.

We've included some decorative painting options but most of these require a clear finish on top to make them durable for floor traffic.

The application of floor finishes by DIY is one fraught with the most poor results. We recommend employing a proffessional unless you have a lot of patience, time, and energy to do a thorough job.


    • Murobond Pentimento Limewash

      1L:  $41.00  
      4L:  $104.00  
      10L:  $218.00  
      15L:  $283.00  

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    • Murobond Rust Paint

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      300ml:  $33.00  
      1L:  $84.00  
      4L:  $253.00  


      100ml:  $10.00  
      300ml:  $20.00  
      1L:  $50.00  
      4L:  $117.00  


      300ml:  $27.00  
      1L:  $68.00  
      4L:  $181.00  

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