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Interior paints and wood finishes help put the finishing touches on an enjoyable living or work space. However fumes from regular paints and wood finishes can create poor indoor air quality for up to five years after painting or renovating. Choosing modern low VOC paints and wood finishes avoids smelly and toxic fumes.

Low VOC paints and wood finishes can be either synthetic (acrylic ) or natural. The low VOC acrylic paints we sell here are equally as durable and a similar price to regular acrylic paints but dont emit the fumes that regular acrylic paints do. The natural paints we sell are generally a little more expensive than acrylic paints and not quite as durable. However they have a unique natural beauty and are the healthiest choice for very chemically sensitive people.

Most of the paints and finishes we sell are breathable. However natural paints such as the Volvox Clay paint Rockcote Limewash and Murobond Mineral Silicate paint are more breathable than the low VOC acrylic paints. This is because natural materials allow a faster release of moisture than acrylic paint. The trade-off as expressed above however is that low VOC acrylic paints are more easily cleanable than natural paints.

The categories on the left contain choices of low VOC synthetic paints and natural paints and wood finishes. We aim to offer both options wherever possible as we believe each has their place in a sustainable future.

We've tested all the products we carry and selected only ones we consider to be durable, aesthetically pleasing and easy to apply.

To help you choose the most suitable product for your project we have clear descriptions as well as links to Technical Data Sheets and MSDS sheets. We have started a Pinterest gallery where you can see what the products look like when applied and we'd love your help to build this and the product reviews.

Monthly Specials has rotating bargains on eco friendly and non-toxic paints and wood finishes. You can be notified of these each month by subscribing to our newsletter.

4 easy steps serves as a guide to purchasing paints and finishes online.

FAQ's has the answers to many commonly asked questions about these products. You can also phone us on 02 6685 752 or text on 0431 721 073. We work 9 - 5pm Monday to Friday and 10 -2pm Saturday (NSW time).

Tips & Tricks is our collection of helpful tips and tricks for applying many of the products. These are collected from our own and customer experience using these products.

Our Photo Gallery shows what many of the products look like in use.