Clay & Lime Plasters

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Clay and lime plasters are exciting new products made possible by Rockcote. While it is possible to make your own clay and lime plaster it could take you many months of experimentation to get the mix "right". In fact Rockote have spent many years developing and refining these mixes so they are easy to apply, adhere well, dry without cracking and create a durable surface. All you have to do is add water, mix and appply.

Plasters can be used as a thin decorative finish on interior Gyprock walls instead of paint, or used as a render over brickwork or blocks. Clay is naturally dirt rejecting but can be clear coated with Repel for extra protection and water repellency.

We hold regular fun classes at Painted Earth for both amateurs and professionals on how to apply these natural clay and lime plasters.


    • Clay Plasters & Renders

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      4L:  $55.00  
      15L:  $158.00  

      Clay Decor

      15kg:  $62.00  

      Earthen Render Medium

      20kg:  $36.00  

      Earthen Render Coarse

      20kg:  $36.00  

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    • Lime Plasters And Renders

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      Lime Plaster Basecoat

      18kg:  $30.00  


      16kg:  $63.00  

      Venetian Plaster

      4L:  $95.00  
      15L:  $285.00  

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