Prep Cleaners

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Preparation is half the job. It can sometimes be more than half the job - as anyone who has stripped off an old finish will know ! Our products below are designed to a good job with a minimum of toxic fumes. We are constantly on the lookout for more of these type of products. So let us know if you have used a good one.


    • Raw Wood Cleaner

      1L:  $50.00  
      5L:  $221.00  

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    • Livos Trena Ph Neutral Cleaner

      250ml:  $14.00  
      1L:  $28.00  
      2.5L:  $62.00  

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    • Rockcote Fungicidal Wash

      1L:  $18.00  
      4L:  $50.00  
      15L:  $145.00  

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