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These are pre-mixed renders that come either as a dry mix in a bag, or as a wet mix in a bucket. Using these instead of site mixed sand and cement renders has several advantages. There is less waste, mess, and labour costs involved. Plus and these pre-mixed cement Q-renders can be painted over in 48hrs instead of 28 days for site mixed sand and cement.

The clay render and Venetian lime plasters are natural renders each with their own unique qualities. We hold fun classes at Painted Earth to teach both amateurs and professionals how to apply these natural rendering products.


    • Rockcote Coloured Renders

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      4L:  $34.00  
      15L:  $98.00  


      4L:  $46.00  
      15L:  $131.00  

      Quicksand Coarse

      4L:  $46.00  
      15L:  $131.00  


      4L:  $40.00  
      15L:  $116.00  

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    • Rockcote Render Prep Products

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      Rockcote Hard Patch

      4L:  $42.00  

      Rockcote Keycote

      20kg:  $32.00  

      Rockcote Patch 'N'Prep

      20kg:  $32.00  

      Rockcote Smooth Sanding Patch

      4L:  $52.00  

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    • Clay Plasters & Renders

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      4L:  $55.00  
      15L:  $158.00  

      Clay Decor

      15kg:  $62.00  

      Earthen Render Medium

      20kg:  $36.00  

      Earthen Render Coarse

      20kg:  $36.00  

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    • Lime Plasters And Renders

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      Lime Plaster Basecoat

      18kg:  $30.00  


      16kg:  $63.00  

      Venetian Plaster

      4L:  $95.00  
      15L:  $285.00  

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