Texture Finishes

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Texture finishes can range in thickness from paints through to a 1mm thick coating/render. They are an alternative to a traditional paint finish. They add extra dimension to a wall, making it appear like a coloured render with suble tone variations. The thicker the coating on an exterior wall the longer it will also last.

Generally matt in appearance these texture finishes will not fill imperfections in a wall butthey can make imperfections less noticable.

The thinner finishes are appplied with a roller or large brush, and the thicker ones with a trowel.

Not all of these are low VOC. However they are waterbased and tinted with low VOC tints and the most eco friendly we can source.


    • Murobond Murowash

      1L:  $43.00  
      4L:  $103.00  
      10L:  $205.00  
      15L:  $292.00  

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    • Volvox Clay Paint

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      Mont Blanc (white)

      1L:  $36.00  
      5L:  $126.00  
      10L:  $230.00  

      natural clay colour

      1L:  $36.00  
      5L:  $126.00  
      10L:  $230.00  

      tinted group A

      1L:  $40.00  
      5L:  $134.00  
      10L:  $246.00  

      tinted group B

      1L:  $42.00  
      5L:  $139.00  
      10L:  $254.00  

      tinted group C

      1L:  $44.00  
      5L:  $151.00  
      10L:  $280.00  

      tinted group D

      1L:  $47.00  
      5L:  $176.00  
      10L:  $310.00  

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    • Murobond Bridge Paint

      1L:  $57.00  
      4L:  $152.00  
      10L:  $316.00  

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    • Murobond Mineral Silicate Paint

      1L:  $56.00  
      4L:  $143.00  
      :  $318.00  
      15L:  $405.00  

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    • Murobond Cement Paint

      1kg:  $41.00  
      4kg:  $99.00  
      10kg:  $192.00  
      15kg:  $264.00  

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